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Social-Engineer.co.za was created by Francois Mouton as a project of passion for the field of social engineering. The goal of this website is to publish our research on social engineering in order to contribute to the community

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Francois Mouton

PhD Computer Science

Dr. Francois Mouton is a senior manager for the incident response team at Cyanre, with expertise in the fields of social engineering, penetration testing and digital forensics. Francois graduated with a PhD Computer Science, in the field of social engineering, from the University of Pretoria in 2018. The focus of his PhD is on techniques on identifying and thwarting social engineering attacks by altering the human psyche. During his academic career he has also completed all the undergraduate modules provided at University of Pretoria for both psychology and accounting. He has (co)authored several international publications, mainly on topics of digital forensics readiness and social engineering. His research has had a significant impact within the field of social engineering and he currently has an h-index and an i10-index of 9.

His research in social engineering has allowed him to achieve a great understanding of the human psyche and has empowered him to perform at an international level in electronic sport. He was awarded with Protea Colours in 2016 when he was selected by Mind Sports South Africa to represent South Africa on the international stage in electronic sport. He also actively contributes back to the developing community of South Africa. He is actively involved with mentoring students at most of the South African universities and he is also continuously involved with hackathons hosted across the country. His current focus is on the development of a human psyche model that can be utilised by the general public to create both cyber security awareness and to allow them to protect themselves against cyber security threats.