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Social engineering environments
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Social Engineering Research

Social engineering research
incorporates public communication
and penetration testing

Social Engineer - South Africa

This website aims to improve your understanding and awareness of social engineering through the means of questionnaires, models and frameworks.
It also contains research in the field of social engineering field, with a blog for public collaboration on the subject.

Social Engineering Attack Detection Model

Social Engineering Attack Detection Model (SEADM) is a quick and effective way to determine if an requester is trying to manipulate an individual into disclosing information to which the requester does not have authorization for. This model can be applied anywhere where there are two people involved where one tries to elicit unauthorised information from the other.

Social Engineering Attack Framework

The Social Engineering Attack Framework provides one with a framework on which to base all planned social engineering attacks. It caters for all the differnt type of social engineering attacks, including physical, email and one-to-one communication.

Social Engineering Prevention Training Tool

These questionnaires aim to assist in social engineering research by gathering information on how susceptible people are to social engineering attacks.

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Social Engineering Attack Detection Model: SEADM

Social engineering is a real threat to industries in this day and age even though the severity of it is extremely downplayed.

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Development of Cognitive Functioning Psychological Measures for the SEADM

Social engineering is a real threat to industries in this day and age, even though its severity is extremely downplayed. The difficulty with social engineering attacks is mostly the ability to identify them.

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Social Engineering from a Normative Ethics Perspective

Social engineering is deeply entrenched in both computer science and social psychology. Knowledge on both of these disciplines is required to perform social engineering based research. There are several ethical concerns and requirements that need to be ta

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